Tired Of Your Landscape? Here Are Some Ways To Freshen It

Your yard is the first thing you see when you approach your home. It can be either inviting and restful or be repelling. Your yard is no longer what it used to be. Instead of providing you with a restful escape, it's now just ordinary, even a little unkempt. Here are a few ideas to help you freshen up your yard.


You may want to start by looking at your shrubs and trees. Trimming them into fine contours will make your yard look neater. It will also cut off diseased or dead branches and stimulate fresh growth.

Colorful Plants

There's nothing like a splash of color to liven up your outdoor space. If your garden looks drab and colorless, add some colorful plants, for an all-year-round glow. Your local landscape services company will be able to advise you on the best plant varieties for your area.

Adding Structure and Quality

Perhaps what you're tired of is the mediocre health and quality of your yard. Consider adding retaining walls, landscape fertilizer, and plant cages to help your plants grow healthier and have a more vivacious look.


Have a good look at your fence. Check for gaping holes and hanging wires. Consider repairing the fence or replacing it altogether. If you opt to repair it, consider repainting it with a new color. That will bring instant life to your outdoor space.

Entertaining Space

If you don't already have one, consider creating an entertainment space in your backyard. A patio and a few garden chairs will turn your garden into a relaxing escape for yourself, your family and guests.

Pond or Fountain

Few things are as relaxing as the sound or sight of water. Water will not only create a serene atmosphere; it will also most likely attract birds. Consider installing a pond or a water fountain in your backyard. All you need is a pump and a plastic basin


Borders will create fine lines between sections of your garden, making it look neat and organized. Create borders using any available material including stone, plastic or wood. You could also repaint existing borders.

Crushed Stones or Gravel

Use crushed stones or gravel to replace part of your turf, especially if you have a large turf. They will create a good contrast and give you some relief from maintaining your garden.

Stepping Stones

How about creating some stepping stones to your front, back entrance or your favorite spot? This you can do cheaply, without damaging your turf.

There are a million and one things you can do to spruce up your landscaping. However, please note this will take up a significant amount of your time and effort. If you don't feel up to it, consult your landscape services company like Bishop Horticulture for help.

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Your yard is the first thing you see when you approach your home. It can be either inviting and restful or be repelling. Your yard is no longer what i