Want A Great Looking Yard? Sodding Is The Way To Go

If you want a great looking yard, sodding can be a great way to transform your outdoor space. With sodding, you get an instantly full and lush lawn instantly.

When to Sod

One of the great things about sod is that you can install sod year-round, even if the ground outside is frozen.

However, the two best times to install sod are during either the fall or the spring. During the fall or spring, the ground tends to be softer and the heat less intense, which means your new grass will not need as much water as it would to take hold in the summer and it would not have to battle frozen ground like it would in the winter.

If you want to have a lush yard this summer, you should sod your yard this spring.

How to Determine Freshness

When you purchase sod, you are purchasing grass that is already growing and has its own root system. You are basically transplanting the grass from where it was growing to your house. You should plant the sod in your yard within one to three days after it is harvested from the field; the longer you wait, the higher the chance that the sod could be damaged.

The grass should be dark green. When you hold the sod up, it should not tear or fall apart. The texture and height of the grass should be uniform. Those are all signs that the grass is fresh and will thrive in your yard.

Why to Get Help

Before the sod arrives, you need to prepare your soil. That means removing all rocks and weeds from your new yard. That also means that you need to loosen up the dirt with a rototiller or with a rake. You should also put down fertilizer.

When it comes to putting down the sod itself, keep in mind that sod squares can be really heavy, which is why sod is best installed by a team of individuals or a team of professionals. As you lay down the sod, be sure to water the soil before putting down the sod and work in straight lines to streamline the process.

Sod is a great way to transform the look of your yard. If you want a great looking yard this summer, prepare your yard and install sod this spring, so when summer rolls around, your yard will be flush with green grass. Contact a company like Missouri Turf Inc to learn more.

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