Tips For Blending Landscaping With A Modern Pool

Gone are the days when simply installing a swimming pool was enough to create a luxurious backyard getaway. As Luxury Pools points out, the goal now is to create a "poolscape," a blend of the pool and its surrounding landscape. Creating a poolscape is relatively easy with a traditional or tropical pool. However, maybe you're more about the mod style. Below are four tips for creating a poolscape even with the minimalism characterized by the modern style.

Start with the Right Shape

One characteristic of modern design is stripping elements down until they display their obvious geometry. This works well with a swimming pool because it's a man-made construction. Stay away from organic shapes, though, and opt for a rectangle pool. If you're adding a spa, emphasize the geometry here, too. For instance, have a perfectly round spa installed in one end of the pool.

Stick with Cohesive Materials

Mod style often pays a nod to industrial leanings, even calling for the use of manufactured materials over natural ones. Industrial materials work well if your house is also in the mod style. However, a modern swimming pool can complement any style of house. Choose materials that match those found in your house's façade, even if they're not man-made. Just keep the overall look minimalist.

Add Planters

The goal isn't for your backyard to resemble a factory with a pool in the middle. Rather, you want to blend the pool with the landscaping. For that reason, have the contractors build planters around the pool. You can even use these as privacy screens if needed. For the plants, they must be clean, meaning they won't drop leaves or seed heads into the water. From there, look for plants that offer a geometric or architectural profile, such as succulents and cacti.

Extend to the Landscaping

Now that you have the actual pool area sorted out, it's time to extend to the rest of the landscaping. You'll want to continue emphasizing geometry. So, if you want a lawn around your pool, consider planting it with obvious borders that emphasize the shape of the lawn.

Likewise, utilize some of the plants from your planters in the rest of the yard. You could have the contractors build the same style of planters elsewhere, or you could plant in planting beds.

Don't let a modern pool stick out in your backyard. Instead, blend the landscaping with the pool for a mod poolscape. Visit a site like for more help.

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