3 Major Ways To Grow A Better Lawn Next Spring

Did you have a hard time growing your lawn this summer? Do you want a better lawn next year? The good news is that autumn and into winter is a good time to start planning your strategy for next year. The more planning and preparation you do, the higher a chance you have at succeeding in your attempts to have the best lawn on the block. Some things to do or to plan to do next spring and summer include:

Install sprinklers: A strong lawn needs plenty of water in order to grow properly. Although you might think using a hose is good enough for your lawn, it probably isn't. Each time you water, you're almost certain to miss spots. Some sections are also likely to be over-watered. On the other hand, a well-designed sprinkler system will have just enough overlap so that there are no dry spots. Overwatering is also significantly less likely than it would be with just a hose or with a hose and an attached sprinkler. Having better control over your lawn's watering times is likely to result in a healthier and greener looking lawn. If you already have a sprinkler system installed, now is a good time to have it checked out and repaired, if necessary. It's no good to have a sprinkler system if the sprinklers don't come on at the proper times and barely work even when they're on.

Trim trees: Many grass types do not grow well in deep shade. While there are definitely trees that shade the ground too deeply for most grasses to grow beneath them, there are definitely trees where this is not the case. Trees that are trimmed back on an annual basis will allow more sunlight to reach the ground. The more sunlight there is, the better the lawn around the tree is going to grow. 

Fertilize regularly: The best sprinkler system in the world and the right amount of sun aren't going to be enough if you don't fertilize the ground. For best results, you should have your soil professionally tested. This will tell you what your lawn is deficient in and whether it actually has too much of something else. Depending on your soil quality, fertilization may not be an instant fix. Soil that is extremely deficient in various nutrients could take months or even a couple of years to get back into the proper balance. Because of this, the soil testing should be done in the autumn so that you have a plan of attack once spring rolls around.

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