4 Residential Projects That Civil Engineers Work On

A civil engineer is a professional who specializes in building and maintaining things in the environment. While many civil engineers work on commercial and government projects, such as building roads and bridges, civil engineers are also hired regularly by homeowners for residential projects. Investing in hiring a civil engineer to assist with projects on your property can ensure that everything is done right so you don't experience problems in the future. Some common residential projects that civil engineers work on include:

Landscaping Plans and Retaining Walls

Most people want a beautifully landscaped yard, but the slope and topography of their lot can make that difficult. Civil engineers often work closely with landscape architects to design landscaping plans on challenging pieces of land. A civil engineer can create plans for retaining walls that allow all areas of the yard to be landscaped while also ensuring that there won't be erosion. You can also count on a civil engineer to consult with your landscape architect to make sure that plants and trees are planted in areas where they won't disrupt retaining walls or cause land to shift.

Sewer and Septic Systems

Civil engineers are often counted on to design and oversee the installation of septic systems and other sewer projects on residential properties. Since waste management is highly regulated by local governments, a civil engineer can ensure that a septic system or sewer project completely complies with all rules and regulations.

Drainage Systems

There is no reason to invest large amounts of money into landscaping your yard if it does not have proper drainage. Landscaping materials as well as plants and trees in a yard with poor drainage are at risk of being ruined by pooling water, and standing water in a yard can also cause mosquito infestations and problems with the foundation of a house. A civil engineer can design a drainage system for a yard that ensures that all rain water and melting snow drain properly away from the yard and the house itself. 

Structural Assessment

Whether you suspect that your home has a problem with its foundation or you're selling your home and a potential buyer wants to know if the house is structurally sound, an civil engineer is typically the professional hired to do an assessment. An experienced civil engineer has the expertise and tools to inspect a home and deem whether or not it is structurally sound. In the event that it is not, a civil engineer can tell you what repairs are needed. 

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