With Winter On The Way, Hire A Landscaping Service For These Projects

Many people think of hiring a landscaping service in the spring and summer, and while there are many tasks that this service can perform during these seasons, your local landscaper can also be an asset as winter approaches. The autumn may not be seen as a season in which you'll need to spend a lot of time in your yard, but the reality is that if you want the yard to look its best when spring arrives next year, some pre-winter attention to detail is important. You may prefer sitting inside where the temperature is more comfortable, but your landscaper will be happy to look after these projects for you.

Wrapping Your Hedges

When you have new hedges and trees, the harsh winter months can be a threat. You don't want the expense of these plants and the time and effort you've put into maintaining them to be wasted, so you should strongly consider hiring a landscaping service to wrap them. Your landscaper will be able to assess the vegetation throughout your yard to determine which hedges and trees need to be wrapped. Then, using stakes hammered into the ground and heavy burlap material, the landscaper will place this critical protective layer around these plants to keep the harshness of winter at bay.

Removal Of Annuals

When it comes time to plant your garden in the spring, the last thing that you want to do is spend hours pulling up your annuals that died the previous fall and rotted over the winter under the snow. This is a valuable job to get done before winter arrives, and it's a perfect task to assign to your landscaping service. Although most landscapers will be able to easily identify annuals versus perennials, you may wish to go through your yard and garden and point out the plants that you want pulled up and taken away to the local yard waste facility.

Lawn Reseeding

Many landscaping professionals believe in the value of putting down grass seed before winter arrives. Although doing so might initially seem a little counterintuitive, the seed will get hardy over the winter months and be ready to grow into resilient blades of grass once spring arrives. Your landscaper will identify sparse areas and put down extra seed, as well as give the entire front lawn and back lawn a thorough seeding to help your yard look the best on the street next spring.

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