Some Landscaping Supplies You Might Need For Your Flowerbeds

Flowerbeds brighten and beautify your yard. With the right landscaping supplies, your beds will be easy to maintain so you can enjoy flowers all summer without constant weeding. Landscaping materials also define your beds so they become a focal point of your yard. Here are some landscaping supplies you may want to use when you're making a flowerbed.

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric helps control weeds. The fabric keeps weeds from popping up through the soil but water can filter through the material easily. By lining your beds with landscaping fabric, you'll cut down on the amount of weed pulling you'll need to do in the coming months.


It's a good idea to put edging borders around your flowerbeds. They hold the soil in place and keep flowers from sprawling. They also make it easier to trim your grass without damaging the flowers. There are many types of borders to choose from and they are made from a variety of materials and colors. You may want borders made from stone or plastic so they don't decay. Also, neutral colors might be best so the borders don't compete for attention with the flowers.


Mulch is essential for flowerbeds because it holds moisture in the soil, which is important during the hot and dry summer months. Mulch comes in different colors and it is made from different things. For instance, you could use something natural, such as wood chips. Wood chips will rot away eventually, but in doing so, they enrich the soil. Rocks make good mulch too because they won't decay so they don't need to be replaced. River rocks come in neutral colors and are a beautiful addition to a flower garden.

Stepping Stones

If you plan to put in large flowerbeds, then you could get creative and include a walking path made of stepping stones. A walking path adds visual appeal and it also makes it easy for you to get inside the bed to tend to flowers in the back and middle. You could make a path of mulch materials such as bark or river rock, or you could buy decorative stepping stones from a landscaping center for a more artistic touch.


If you plant flowers that climb in vines, consider putting a trellis or two in your flowerbed. As the flowers grow, the trellis becomes covered with color and adds interest to your flowerbed. You can buy them in different shapes so your flowers could take on the appearance of a tower, or they could arch across a walkway.

The great thing about a flowerbed is that you can customize it to be as artistic as you want. You may want to show off your green thumb and grow exotic flowers or you may simply want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. Flowers give your home personality, and you'll love watching them grow and change throughout the season. A flowerbed can be a lot of work, but the effort is worth it once it is in full bloom. Check with a company like Lones Stone & Landscape Supply for more information.

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