3 Ideas For Designing A Beautiful Flagstone Walkway

Some homeowners give great attention to detailing their landscaping and leave walkways as an afterthought. However, incorporating landscaping with the walkway results in a cohesive appearance for your yard. For the walkway material itself, the Landscaping Network points out that flagstone offers flexibility, durability, and little maintenance requirement. What's more, flagstone is a unique and beautiful stone that can add style to your overall landscaping presentation.

Meandering Path

If you have a lush garden, consider creating a meandering path. The stone can be left with no cutting or shaping, which results in a very naturalistic profile that's perfect for a garden path.

For this design, plan the path to wind through your garden. Create curves that look out over pretty areas or that circumvent garden elements. These curves should be deliberate. Aim the path so that it'll run into a tree or fountain, "forcing" the path to meander.

Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, guests will have a tendency to wander off your curved path. Keep them on the flagstone by landscaping around the path. Add some lush plants that grow right up to the flagstone without impeding walking. If you want an overgrown look, add ground cover plants between the flagstones.

Formal Entryway

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could use flagstone as the foundation of a formal entryway to your home. Flagstone can be cut and milled into regular shapes. Contractors can then lay and mortar these shapes in regular patterns for a formal appearance.

A formal pathway should be wide and straight. Choose flagstones that complement the façade of your home — the goal is to draw attention to your entrance. You can also incorporate another element, such as a fountain, to create a grand entryway.

Landscaping around this walkway should be manicured and symmetrical. You could go fully formal with trimmed box hedges. However, you can also have pretty flowers planted as a regular border.

Creative Curves

Flagstone comes in different colors and variegation depending on where it was quarried. You can choose some of the bolder pavers, such as those quarried in the northeast, to create a creative pathway that's a cross between the meandering path and formal entryway.

This pathway may meander through your yard, but the curves should be wider. You can even design circles into the path. Likewise, have the contractors lay the flagstones so their edges create a defined border. The pavers can be mortared or left natural.

Keep landscaping around this pathway understated. Add plants that enhance the coloration and curves of the flagstone. The goal is to draw attention to the creative motions of your walkway.

Integrate your landscape design services with flagstone for a beautiful walkway.

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