Shiver Your Timbers: Tree Water Maintenance Tips For Winter

Maintaining your landscaping in the winter is undoubtedly trying. You may be dealing with a surplus of water in some regions, whereas in others, the weather is unchanging from season to season. No matter where you live, taking care of your trees in the cold of winter is possible, no matter the water situation. These tips will help you take care of trees during the winter.

1. Apply Topsoil to Fill Cracks

When you notice temperatures dropping, check out cracks in the soil that might invite frost and disease. Add some new topsoil to the area around the tree for best results so that water continues to reach the tree.

2. Soak Your Tree Before a Frost

When you feel the first frost of the season coming around, this is the perfect time to water your trees. Many people do not realize that watering the soil and roots quickly can actually prevent frost from killing your tree.

3. Pull Out Dead Wood in Winter

When you see an area on your tree that appears to be dead, use winter as the perfect opportunity to remove the limbs if you live in an area with lots of rainstorms. These dead limbs tend to soak up lots of water, ultimately leading to decay and a falling limb hazard that can severely damage your landscaping, home, and utilities.

4. Consider Your Water Management Schedule

Winter is the perfect time to assess how you want to change up your water management schedule. How much do you want to water? Is your current sprinkler system reaching all the trees and shrubs you want to hit? Speaking with professional water management services can help you determine where you need to make changes for the future.

5. Know When to Water

You need to pay close attention to your watering schedule even throughout the winter. Trees that are recently planted must be watered regularly. The first two years of a tree's life are also important because they are growing quickly and require more energy. Water and healthy soil are essential, and deep watering helps roots. Just make sure not to over-water your trees. Drying is a big problem for winter drought, which occurs when the ground is frozen and trees are unable to pick up water they need.

Finally, don't forget that landscaping services can help you mange your yard this winter. When it comes to figuring out how to manage your water allocation throughout your yard or where to put certain trees based on your current sprinkler system, a professional landscaper can help.

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