Remove A Dying Young Tree That Is Covered With Poison Ivy Vines And Plant A Sapling

If a dying young tree in your back yard is covered with poison ivy vines and you would like to remove the tree and replace it with a new sapling, the following information can be used to safely remove the tree while minimizing the risk of coming into contact with the poison ivy.

You Will Need:

  1. Herbicide
  2. Protective Gear
  3. Weighted Drop Cloths
  4. Large Shovel
  5. Trash Bag
  6. Detergent
  7. Sapling
  8. Soil
  9. Mulch
  10. Water Hose

Treat The Poison Ivy Then Remove The Tree

Put on a shirt and pair of pants that cover your wrists and ankles. Cover your hands with rubber gloves and place a cloth mask over your mouth and nose. Lay weighted drop cloths on the property that surrounds the affected tree so that herbicide does not come into contact with grass or plants. Aim the herbicide's nozzle directly at the poison ivy vines. Spray the product over each vine's surface. The herbicide may take a couple days to kill the plants. While waiting, keep the drop cloths on the ground.

Before removing the tree from the ground, put on protective gear again. Use a large shovel to dig down into the earth that surrounds the tree. Test the sturdiness of the tree by attempting to wiggle the tree trunk back and forth. Once the trunk is wobbly, remove the tree from the ground by gripping the trunk with glove-covered hands and pulling the tree upward. Lay the tree across a tarp.

Wrap the tarp around the tree and drag the tarp to the edge of your property. Make arrangements with a yard waste removal company to pick up the tree. Dispose of the gloves and launder your clothing if any of the garments came into contact with the poison ivy vines and you aren't sure if they were effectively destroyed with the pesticide.

Plant A Sapling

Hold a sapling upright so that its roots are facing toward the ground. Carefully center the root system in the middle of the hole where the other tree was previously planted. While holding the tree's trunk with one hand to prevent the tree from tipping, use a large shovel to add soil to to the hole. After filling the hole, press the backside of the shovel firmly against the soil surface. Add a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree to prevent poison ivy or weeds from growing. Use a water hose to administer water to the base of the tree. 

For more information about tree removals or planting, talk to companies like Arborcare Tree Service.

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