Create A Beautiful Arbor Focal Point In Your Yard

Creating a garden focal point is a hallmark of landscape design. These focal points are areas that draw the eye and create a beautiful ambience in your yard. An arbor is ideal structure for this design ideal because they're naturally beautiful. Plus, you can combine them with other additions, such as a bench, for added functionality. Add an arbor to your landscaping as a beautiful focal point.

Choose the Material

Wood is probably the most common material for an arbor. A traditional arbor is typically made of wood painted white and often incorporates a trellis. However, you can leave the wood naturally stained or even choose a naturalistic design. For instance, you could pick one made of reclaimed wood or out of branches left in their natural state for a rustic appeal. If you want a more durable option, consider arbors made of composite wood or vinyl. However, Better Homes and Gardens offers another durable material option – metal. As the site points out, a metal arbor constructed with pretty curlie-cues gives a sense of a gateway in your landscaping.

Pick the Location

As the above suggests, an arbor often serves as a gateway. You can install the arbor at the entrance to your front walkway as a pretty welcome. An arbor can also serve as a transitional space, say between a patio and the rest of the yard. Other transitional areas include steps in your pathway or the entryway to a garden. Your arbor can be a destination in itself, especially if you pair it with a bench. A wide arbor can also serve as a cover for your dining area. Wherever you place your arbor, make sure it's visible from several points in the yard and from your house for maximum visual appeal.

Add Landscaping

For a cohesive effect, you should incorporate your arbor with landscaping. The most obvious way to do this is with climbing plants. Roses are the go-to for garden arbors. Good climbing roses include the "Generous Gardener Climbing," "Rambling Rose," "Constance Spry" and "Pretty in Pink Eden." However, other climbing plants work beautifully, too. Passion flower, lilac and morning glory add beautiful color. Honeysuckle and jasmine offer blooms as well as fragrance. Ivy is ideal if you want a touch of Old English charm.

Plant climbers at the base of the arbor and slowly train them to grow over the structure. Fill out the tableau with other landscaping, such as tall plants, hedges and groundcover. Choose plants that add color and texture to your arbor focal point.

Talk to your local landscaping services experts, like those from Anderson Landscaping, for ways to incorporate an arbor into your garden as a focal point.

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