Keep Water Costs Down With Landscaping Changes That Do Not Need An Irrigation System

The water bill is something that you will continue to receive as long as you own a home. This may encourage you to do things such as invest in a dishwasher or change out the shower heads. Another way that you can reduce water usage to save money on the bill is to make some landscape adjustments. If you have an irrigation system that came with the home when you purchased it, you may want to make changes until you no longer have to rely on it, which will also save money from reduced maintenance needs. It is also worth changing up the landscape so that you do not feel the need to install such a system.

Get Rid of the Grass

It is easy to like how a yard full of green grass looks during spring. But, it may not rain enough during spring, fall, and winter to keep it green without some watering of your own throughout the year. While there are ways to reduce how much watering you do with thing such as rain water collecting, you may just want to minimize or eliminate the need to water the grass at all. This is best accomplished by removing the grass, but this means you will want to come up with an alternative to fill in the space. One method is to fill it in with rocks, but you can also grow native groundcover plants that do not need any watering.

Prioritize Native

The main thing that you will want to look for when making landscape changes is being native. If a tree, bush, or flower is native to your climate, then that means it will likely survive on its own. You just need to make sure each plant is grown in the right place so that it can get what it needs to survive. Some plants want full sunlight, so a landscaping professional will make sure they are not covered by any shade.

Direct Rainwater

Collecting rainwater is one thing, but another method is to direct it where you want it to go. It is possible to have plants that are not native where the only thing they demand is extra water with clever planning. You can slope portions of the yard to create dry creek beds, which work well to direct water. Then, you can grow plants that need a lot of water to survive at the spots where the rainwater will go.

Following these tips will improve your landscape and lead to lower water bills. For more information, contact companies like Colourscape Inc.

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