Has Your Yard Been The Victim Of These Major Landscaping Mistakes?

Landscape design is an artful tradition that combines culture and nature in outdoor spaces. It can be used to beautify your front or back yard and make you want to spend a lot of time enjoying your own lawn. If you haven't been using a landscape designer, or if previous owners were the ones in control of your property's outdoor areas, you made need a landscape designer to fix these major landscaping mistakes.

Mistake #1: Completely Neglected Curb Appeal

Since a home's backyard is typically a family's private sanctuary where most of the outdoors time is spent, many people focus almost entirely on backyard landscaping. However, a house's curb appeal matters for many reasons. When you drive up to your home each day, having a lovely front yard can be soothing and make your home feel even more inviting.

The curb appeal is also how neighbors, friends, and family members will form their first impressions of your home. Also, if you someday decide to sell your house, the curb appeal can be a big part of interesting potential home owners. It's wise to have a designer help you transform your front yard from ordinary to something extraordinary.

Mistake #2: Window Views That Are Uninspiring

No matter how much you may want to increase the beauty of your home's outdoor areas, keep in mind that you and your family probably spend the majority of your time indoors. (On average, Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors.) Don't forget that you ultimately want landscaping to provide gorgeous views from your main, large windows.

Landscape design should be considered from all angles. If you can't see the beauty of your landscaping while you are enjoying your time indoors, something has gone wrong. Ideally, your view from your favorite windows will present a picturesque view that shows off the best of the landscaped beauty.

Mistake #3: A Yard with Only Curves

Some yards have only curves as part of their landscaping, and that can be a major mistake. Yes, curves can be soothing, but they should not make up every part of lawn or garden area. Most homes have a more imaginative architectural design and deserve creative landscaping. Lines and curves both have their place in your landscaping. Take full advantage of every space in the yard.

Finally, keep in mind that one of the lovely things about landscaping is that a great landscape designer can turn these mistakes around. You don't have to settle for a disappointing yard. A great landscape designer will be able to help bring your vision for your front or back yard to life. It's possible to turn any ordinary yard into the beautifully landscaped haven of your dreams. 

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